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Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in the United States Completes Collection of Donations for Victims of the Nkua Ntoma, Bata, Explosions.



The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Washington D.C., United States, opened its doors last March to donations sent by members of the Equatoguinean community living in its jurisdiction, as well as to receive contributions from organizations, schools and individuals of other nationalities interested in helping the victims of the 7M catastrophe. 

New requirements for the approval, legalisation and recognition of academic titles

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The Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Sports of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea informs, by means of letter 020-2085-140, that all academic titles obtained abroad must be homologated through the Embassies through an Application for Homologation endorsed by the National Homologation Commission. In addition, the titles and/or diplomas must be submitted along with the academic transcripts.

Next AKONG International Tournament



On the occasion of October 12 of this year, the Akong International Trophy Awards will be held. The various Embassies of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea abroad that have a greater number of Guineans registered, will collaborate by organizing a mini Akong tournament to win the winner among the colonies. All Guineans who are outside and inside the country are invited to participate...

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