the nkuantoma desaster

On Sunday, March 7th, 2021, multiple explosions rocked the city of Bata, leaving a trail of destruction and desolation never seen before in the country. Official figures have so far confirmed 94 deaths, 615 wounded, and countless families displaced. Hundreds of residents who lived in the area, including women, children, and the elderly are still unaccounted for. As search and rescue efforts are ongoing, it is expected that the number of casualties will rise significantly within the coming hours and days.  

The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea, along with a group of concerned Equatorial Guineans, is establishing contact with local organizations in Bata active on ground zero in order to identify the most immediate needs of those affected. The money raised will go into acquiring and delivering emergency relief to those who have lost everything.

The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Washington, D.C. will ensure that the aid collected from your generosity and solidarity gets to where it is needed as soon as possible.


The Embassy of Equatorial has also open their doors to receive and store donations to all of those that would like to send basic necessity items, clothes, and more to Bata, and will also take care of the shipping costs of those donations until March 30th.

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