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As we remember the lives lost 20 years ago today, Equatorial Guinea, as one of the first countries in the world to reach out in support for the United States on that dreadful morning, remains embolden in its condemnation against terrorism, and continues to advocate for peace in the world.


The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Washington, D.C. is the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to the United States. We provide services for Residents of the United States and Equatorial Guinean citizens within the consular jurisdiction area of the embassy: North America (USA, Mexico, & Canada), Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Belize.

Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

United States of America

Meet the Ambassador

"For those who know little about Equatorial Guinea, I would like to share that it is a young country in the heart of Africa that, despite its relatively short history, has traveled an undeniable positive path towards its political and socio-economic development."


H.E. Miguel Ntutumu Evuna Andeme

Equatorial Guinea Ambassador