The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea Encourages Everyone in the U.S., Canada and Mexico to Make All Type of Donations to be Sent to the Victims in Bata


The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea opens its doors to all types of donations for the victims of the blast in Bata. All donations are accepted and will be sent to Bata as soon as possible to assist victims of the incident.


The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea is Working Hand in Hand with the Equatorialguinean Community to Raise Funds for the Victims of the Blasts in Bata


The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in the United States of America is working with the Equatoguinean community to raise funds for those affected by the tragedy in Nkoa-Ntoma. Please support this initiative


Statement of solidarity for the victims of the tragic accident in Nkoa Ntoma


The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to the United States, Miguel Ntutuma Evuna Andeme, signs the statement of solidarity for the victims of the tragic accident at the military barracks in Nkoantoma, Bata, on March 7. 


Explosions in Bata: Death toll rises to 98


According to the report read by the Vice President of the Republic, preliminary data reveal that so far there are 98 dead, and 615 injured, 315 have been discharged and 299 remain hospitalized with different prognoses, as a result of the strong explosions that shook the city of Bata on the afternoon of Sunday, March 7, 2021.


BREAKING NEWS: a chain of explosions in the city of Bata leaves several people injured and material damages


There has been a series of 3 to 5 explosions at the military base in Nkua Ntoma, Bata, Equatorial Guinea that has left more than 20 dead and hundreds injured. The causes of the explosions are not officially known at this time. The emergency units are carrying out the task of transferring several wounded to the La Paz medical center and the Bata hospital.


Head of State Holds Audience with United States Delegation


A senior North American delegation led by the Interim Defence Secretary, John Tata, began a short official visit to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea on Saturday 9th January, when they had a meeting with the Head of State, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, in the Ambassadors' Hall.


Equatorial Guinea Requests United States Collaboration in Fight Against Maritime Piracy


The Republic of Equatorial Guinea has knocked on the door of the United States of America in order to seek collaboration with the Government in its fight against kidnappings and attacks on its oil platforms and vessels located in its jurisdictional waters. Over 80% of the GDP of the Central African country depends on oil and gas resources originating in the waters of its exclusive economic zone located in the Gulf of Guinea. Its infrastructures suffered at least four kidnappings during 2020, which could do enormous damage to its economic potential.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Calls for the Designation of Focal Points in the Fight Against Human Trafficking


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation held an intersectoral meeting in the city of Malabo, with institutions, departments and ministries involved in human rights and national security, in order to implement effective mechanisms and tangible actions that will lead to sufficient progress in the fight against human trafficking in Equatorial Guinea.


Equatorial Guinea and Korea agree to a reciprocal exemption of visas in diplomatic passports


In an act that took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in Malabo, His Excellency Minister Simeón Oyono Esono with the Korean Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea Woo Hongkoo, formalized this agreement that will facilitate the Senior Officials of both countries a continuous effective and fluid cooperation.


Presentation of the updated report on the situation of Covid-19 in Equatorial Guinea

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The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea publishes its latest statistical report - dated August 13 - in response to Covid-19.
Find out all the updated details of the situation of Covid-19 in Equatorial Guinea through the new institutional website of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare:


Malabo and Amkara strengthen their cooperative relationship for new sectors

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The Republics of Equatorial Guinea and Turkey, through their Foreign Ministers, have strengthened their bilateral relations during a meeting in which they discussed the strengthening of relations in sectors such as trade, education and diplomatic training. The Republic of Turkey, for its part, has offered its support to its fellow country in the fight against the Coronavirus.


Equatorial Guinea meets a high delegation of Cameroon in Malabo to strengthen their cooperation in security matters

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His Excellency Mr. Mbella Mbella Lejeune, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cameroon and His Excellency Mr. Beti Assomo Joseph, Minister Delegate of Defense of Cameroon visited Malabo accompanied by a delegation in order to reaffirm the bases of solid cooperation, partnership and mutual benefit that exist between both States, peoples and governments. The establishment and signing of a Cooperation Agreement regarding the area of defense. The fight against terrorism and the strengthening of security in the area were some of the main points discussed. 


The African Union recognizes Spanish as a working language within its organization

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Until now, the official working languages recognized in the African Union were French, English, Arabic and Portuguese. Now, Spanish is added to its official languages as a result of committed diplomatic activity by the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. This new establishment is a positive victory for our country's diplomacy, a move towards integration and a significant reduction in the costs of interpretation and translation.


The CEEAC joins efforts to energize the sub-regional organization

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The Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), through its Ministers of Regional Integration and Foreign Affairs, has met at its tenth extraordinary session in order to seek mechanisms for action to energize the subregional organization, analyze the Treaty Establishing ECCAS adopted in 2019 which Equatorial Guinea plans to join in ratification soon, and has taken the opportunity to set the date for its next session.


The U.S. Department Of State ranks Equatorial Guinea at Tier 2 in the prevention of human trafficking

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The American Government has updated Equatorial Guinea's position in the rankings on the prevention of trafficking in persons, moving it from Tier 3 to Tier 2, and highlighting the significant improvement that the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has made in recent years to reduce and improve the human rights situation in the country. This milestone will ensure a great opening of opportunities in the bilateral relations between the United States of America and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.


Equatorial Guinea requests the establishment of joint surveillance patrols in The Gulf Of Guinea

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In order to create and implement effective measures against marine piracy, the Government of Equatorial Guinea, through the Ministry of National Defense, has set up marine surveillance teams with naval and air forces in the Gulf of Guinea. Through joint cooperation between Cameroon, Nigeria, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea through the action of a Standing Committee on Tracing and Threat Assessment, the exchange of key information and response actions will be strengthened in order to maintain security in the area.


Mba Abogo drives success in the business climate in Equatorial Guinea



The meeting took place through conversations held in the capital of the United States with the World Bank Group, which is responsible for international reports on the business climate. Doing Business helps investors conduct their business in a climate of absolute legal certainty, and periodically generates a list of countries in which business can be done in decreasing order. To place the Republic of Equatorial Guinea as one of the most...

Minister of Finance meets with the United States Undersecretary of State for African Affairs



In this regard, the Minister of Finance, Economy and Planning, César Augusto Mba Abogó, went to the headquarters of the Department of State, in Washington, to meet with the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs.

Accompanied by the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in the United States, Miguel Ntutumu Evuna, the Secretary of State for Finance, Miraculous Obono Angue, and the first counselor of the Embassy, ...

Minister of Finance meets with the United States Undersecretary of State for African Affairs



During this meeting, which was held in the Department of State, Ambassador Miguel Ntutumu and the Secretary of State focused their discussions on current issues concerning the two countries, such as cooperation between the United States and Equatorial Guinea in the Security Council of the United Nations; the intention to encourage investment and the American commercial presence in Equatorial Guinea; as well as the American collaboration in the area of Equatorial Guinean security...

Presentation of credentials as a new Ambassador in Panama



On March 26, Miguel Ntutumu Evuna Andeme, accompanied by the First Secretary, Román Obama Ekua, presented to HE Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez, President of Panama, the credentials that accredit him as Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in the Republic of Panama, with residence in Washington, DC, United States. We enclose the full content of the press release of said presentation.

Susan Stevenson, new U.S. Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea

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The Ambassador of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea accredited in the United States, Miguel Ntutumu Evuna Andeme, witnessed the oath ceremony of the Ambassador of the United States of America in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Susan Stevenson.

The oath of office took place on March 1 in the State Department, chaired by the United States Deputy Secretary of State, John Sullivan. During his speech, Sullivan made a...

The Ambassador to the United States meets with the Chancellor of Nicaragua



The Ambassador of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea accredited in the US, Miguel Ntutumu Evuna Ándeme, met on February 26 with the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Nicaragua, Valdrack Jaentschke. The hearing was held at the headquarters of the Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua, in the presence of Ambassador Kevin K. Sullivan. It talked about issues of bilateral interest and friendship ties. The meeting was also valid for diplomats to discuss...