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The Republic Of Equatorial Guinea

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is one of the smallest countries on the African continent, located in the Central Region next to the Gulf of Guinea. It is organized in two administrative divisions: The Continental Region has the city of Bata as its capital. To the north, the Continental Region borders Cameroon, to the east and south with Gabon and to the west with the Atlantic Ocean. Corisco Island as well as the two Elobeyes (Elobey Chico and Elobey Grande) are part of this Region. The Insular region is made up of two islands: Annobon and Bioko, where the capital, Malabo, is located.
Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa, having become independent from Spain on October 12, 1968, during the eleventh Government of Francisco Franco, as part of the "process of decolonization of Africa", supported by the United Nations.

Despite being one of the smallest countries on the continent (28,050 km2 and 1,222,442 inhabitants), it ranks number three in Biodiversity of Africa.
Equatorial Guinea is a country in continuous development and with precious natural resources. In the late 1990s, American multinationals discovered significant reserves of crude oil and natural gas, resources that began to contribute to the global energy supply in recent years.
In the last decade, the international visibility of Equatorial Guinea has grown exponentially and the country is postulated as a pillar of stability and security in the Central African sub-region.
In 2011 and 2014, the country hosted the African Union Summit.

Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Equatorial Guinea around the World!
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